Telltale Signs of Sociopathic Tendencies

Published on April 12 2014

Sociopaths are a dangerous lot be around. Whether family or friend, you have good reason to be concerned if you suspect someone is a sociopath. We are perhaps most familiar with this term form crime shows and movies.  Sociopaths are often portrayed as criminals, and this is part due to their psychological nature that makes them inclined to carry out criminal acts. Knowing a person has these tendencies is a god away to steer clear of them and any trouble they might bring you. If the person is particularly close, like a child or spouse, then it is advisable to try out a to see if they fall within parameters. Another way to be more certain of your suspicions would be to understand the common traits that these people have.  In fact these traits are what are sought out in psychopath tests.

  • No feelings of shame or regret

 For an ordinary person, there is usually a feeling of regret or shame when we do something we should not have. It could be that we caused an accident, or was deliberately malicious. Whether accidental or deliberate, it comes a time when we feel remorse over what happened. Sociopaths have no such feelings of remorse and hence their ability to carry on with eh same harmful behavior to others without flinching.

  • Charmers

 Sociopaths are often referred to as the charming killers. This is because they understand how to manipulate people to get what they want.  They are rather talented in making the right impression that will attract people. This charm is very dangerous as it often leads the followers to destruction. You can often find that they have the ability to change midstream. If they find that the persona they are exuding is not making the impression they want, they can switch over to another to try and get the desired result.  This is all part of the deceit.

  • High intelligence

It takes a lot of brainpower to be able to read people and understand how to manipulate them effectively. Some sociopaths have even managed to make others commit crimes and place themselves in the line of danger for their benefit. Their intelligence is also demonstrated in the manner that so many that become criminals manage to evade the police for so long. It is the combination of their charm, lack of remorse and intelligence that makes it so easy for them to elude law enforcement.

  • Liars onto themselves

Despite their intelligence, it is often surprising how they often get take in even by their own lies. They are often very delusional. Even in the face of clear evidence that proves that they lied, they will still try to reiterate that their statements were always true and it is others who are lying. 

If the person you suspect close to you possesses a majority or all of these traits, it is a good idea to get help from a psychotherapist in order to understand how to cope.  In any instances, such as with children who test out this way, it is not possible to walk away. Finding support from professionals is the best way to handle the situation and figure out what to be on the lookout for. For more fun test also see: apsergers test

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